Batik Make-up Bag

I’ve started to make a few Christmas presents as I have so many family members to make for. I thought I would try a different design for a make-up bag as most of the girls in my family and friends wear make-up so I think it would be a good start to give them all new make-up bags for Christmas. I normally make boxed flat ones, but I really like the ones that are boxed at the bottom but are quite tall. So I decided I would try out a few and see how they come out. I am really happy with how they came out and was so easy to do! I followed the same tutorial for the traditional one that I made. But extended the size to 10” x 8” instead of 9.5”x 7 and instead of sewing the lining together, I used the turn out method. In the next few days, I will write a tutorial on how to do it with some pictures as it will be easier for people to follow. I have to say that I am completely in love with batik fabrics at the moment and can’t get enough of them! I think they give a gorgeous finish to handmade items as they are so colourful!

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