Why Choose to Reuse?

If you're still unsure about making the switch to reusable cloth sanitary pads, please read on.

Doing The Maths

A well cared for cloth pad can last up to 10 years. In this time a menstruating person can be expected to have approximately 120 periods (10 years X 12 months).

1 cloth pad is equal to 120 disposable pads

Although everyone is different, it's not unusual to use up to 20 pads per cycle. This means that over these 10 years a person using disposables can send up to 2,400 plastic pads to landfill (or even worse, they don’t get that far and end up in our waterways, oceans and beaches). 

10 Years x 12 Months x 20 Pads Per Cycle

= 2,400 Pads to Landfill

And of course even if these are disposed of correctly, the best we can hope for is that they break down (taking hundreds of years) into smaller micro plastic particles that leech into our soil and water systems.

Saves You Money

It's not just the environment that pays. Our average-sized standard pads start at around £6. Comparing this to a standard leading brand disposable pad it would cost over £17 for the same usage (120 pads).

Yes, of course if you were to make the jump entirely to reusables overnight there will be an initial cost but very quickly they pay for themselves and start actually saving you money.

Be Kinder to Yourself

Plastics aside, disposable sanitary products can contain thousands of chemicals which can include carcinogens, allergens, irritants and endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). EDCs have been linked to breast cancer, infertility and endometriosis. 

Our products use hypoallergenic Zorb® and OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics to ensure no harsh chemicals have been used in the manufacturing process.

Not only that but the breathable soft fabrics provide superior comfort.