Beeswax Food Covers (with tutorial)

I have been thinking for a while about the amount of plastic that we use in the world and how disgusting it is. It is literally on everything. I’m extremely conscious about it and how much we consume in our own household. If everyone just did one little thing like make some beeswax food covers, instead of using clingfilm, surely we would make a difference? So today I decided I would delve into making some beeswax food covers, for covering up food in the fridge. I had some cotton and beeswax in the house (I went through a stage of making my own lip balm). As it was just sitting in the cupboard, I thought I would give this ago today. I thought I would do a tutorial on how I made these as some people in a Facebook community group called Sewing In The U.K were interested in how I got on.

So here it is: img_8880.jpg

So first of all, I cut the greaseproof paper to a bigger size than my beeswax wraps, making sure I had a good amount either side as I didn’t want to ruin my nice new ironing board that I bought last week!

I cut the cotton fabric to the size I wanted – 11 inches by 10 inches.

I placed the fabric right side down onto the greaseproof paper.

I grated the beeswax on to the wrong side of the fabric and placed another bit of grease proof paper on top.


I ironed on a medium heat until it all melted. I had to grate a bit more beeswax onto the sides of this one as I didn’t cover it all. img_8871.jpg

Once I did that and it had all melted, I left it to one side to dry which didn’t take that long at all and that’s how easy it was!! I was so surprised how easy these are to do. I think I will be giving these out to people for birthday presents now – haha! (I want to do my bit to help encourage people to be more conscious of their plastic consumption). I’ve already started using them today!.

If anyone has a go at making these, please let me know how you get on and how they come out.

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