Christmas Cutlery Holders


I’ve had lots of fun today making these lovely Christmas cutlery holders for my Christmas table! My husband and I decided we would like to host Christmas at our house this year as my mother in law has hosted it for the last few years as I was pregnant one year and just had a baby the year after. So thought it was fair that someone else takes over this year. So I’ve been getting organised on how I want my Christmas table to look as I’ll be cooking for 9 this year. These are really easy to make and managed to get ten done in about 2/3 hours. I used 20, 4.5” x 10” rectangles for the outer fabric (the red stars) and 10, 4.5”x 10” (for the tree fabric where the cutlery will sit) 20 pieces of interfacing cut to the same size. I interfaced the tree fabric and half of the star fabric. I then folded the tree fabric in half making sure the fold is where the pocket will open up and where the cutlery will rest (making sure the trees are facing the right way) I tacked the trees down onto the red star interfacing fabric so it’s creating a pocket. Once that has been done put the right sides of the red stars and the trees together and use 1/4” seam around 3 sides of the rectangle (I left the top open). Once sewn cut the corners off being careful not to snip the thread. Turn right side out and pull the top closed and top stitch around all four edges. There you go! One finished cutlery holder! I’m so happy with how they came out and I’m now looking for further decorations for the table.

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