Christmas Sewing

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and blog as I’ve been trying to get all my sewing for Christmas done even though I started so long ago! Today I’ve made 3 more aviator hats, an adults and two children’s ones. I love this pattern and I’m getting quicker and quicker at making them! I also have bought the hot chocolate hoody pattern from mbjm and am hoping to make it this week, if I get a chance to cut out all of the pieces. I’m really excited about this weekend as I’ve booked a lady to come and teach me how to use my new overlocker that my hubby bought for me for Christmas (aren’t I a lucky girl!) I’ve been wanting one for ages but we never have had enough money spare to buy one so when they were £60 off due to cyber Monday I was so pleased and my wonderful husband said I could have it for Christmas. I’ve had a little play on it and love it! Still,  I need to figure out what all the buttons are for and learn how to use it properly so I’m really happy for Saturday to come so I can learn how to use it. She’s also going to be teaching me some new techniques so stay tuned for an update on how I get on!

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