Ellie And Mac – My First Pattern Alteration

IMG_4445.JPGMe: Rocking “Around The Block”

My new favourite pattern! I’ve been testing for Ellie and Mac since February and I’ve really fallen in love with their patterns. I’ve always struggled to find clothes that fit my body shape, so decided this year was the year for me to make a change and sew some clothes for myself. So far I’ve made 4 cold shoulder tops (also an Ellie and Mac pattern) and a High Hope Dolman (the comfiest top I think I ever own, also an Ellie and Mac pattern that I tested earlier on in the year). I’m also currently in two tests for new patterns (but I can’t tell you about those yet 😉)! The hoodie pictured is “Round The Block”. The pattern is usually in 6 pieces, 3 for the front and 3 pieces for the back. But I wanted to show off this amazing quilted sweatshirt fabric that I got from my fave little shop The Little Fabric Bazaar. So I decided I would try and alter my first ever pattern! (Eek!) I traced the pattern pieces out as normal but I sellotaped the top and middle pieces together. I decided not to cut away the seam allowance as I prefer clothes a little on the bigger side. I also did the same to the arms so they matched.

This was the first pattern that I have added inseam pockets too. At first, I couldn’t get my head around how they attached but I had some help from our lovely Fabza Strikes Team who have a wealth of knowledge between them and are an amazingly talented bunch! Always so helpful (so thanks ladies, I probably would have pulled my hair out making these pockets without your help)! I even managed to align the sides up to match the front and back bodices! I really enjoyed making this pattern and sewing with this amazing fabric. I can see many more of these in my winter wardrobe, especially since I just found out that Ellie and Mac have a matching unisex one for children! I would love to make a similar one for my son! I can see this will be my next pattern buy.

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