Love at First Stitch

I’ve been extremely busy recently looking at different types of patterns as I really want to start making some clothes. Venturing out of my comfort zone of making bags and make-up bags. I purchased “love at first stitch” book by the same person that I made my dungaree dress (Tilly and the Buttons) I have to say I’m really impressed with the book and the patterns that come with the book. It’s so easy to read and follow! I thought I’d dive right in and make my hubby some pjs as he is always saying that his ones keep shrinking. I ordered some brushed cotton and within a few days, it was here! I was a bit cheeky as I followed the women’s PJs pattern in the book (shhhh! don’t tell him)! I have to say other than the pattern matching (as a newbie I didn’t take into account for that but it’s not awful) It went together really well. I changed the waist to an elasticated waist rather than drawstrings simply by following a YouTube video on how to insert elastic. I’m so excited to have started to make some clothes that I decided I needed a mannequin. That day I looked on ebay and within 5 days I won an auction on eBay for one.

My father in law kindly picked it up for me today! I’ve named her Diana! She is great! I’m so pleased and can’t wait to start making my own clothes and venturing into the unknown! Looking forward to posting all my new makes!

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