New Overlocker

Well, it’s been ages since I last updated my blog. I’ve just been so busy working out how to use my new overlocker and have made my son some great clothes and myself! I’m quite surprised at how well I’ve managed to get with my overlocker. There’s such a bad stigma about how hard they are to use, but honestly, I haven’t found it hard at all. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and just threw myself head first into learning about each part. I can rethread from scratch within 5 minutes and now have mastered making my son tops and bottom sets in 2.5 hours! I was so surprised how easy the overlocker is! For a few months I was researching them and from whatever I read it put me off buying one as everyone was saying how complicated they are. I have the brother m343D the newer version of the 1034 and I absolutely love it. I love the way it neatens the edges and has perfect stitching, the only issue I had was it took me ages to find the perfect tension for sewing jersey. I think partly it was the fact I had no idea what the buttons did or what I was looking for. My sister in law got me the overlocker techniques book (Amazon have a copy for a reasonable price) and this really helped me on what I was looking for. I also came across a lovely lady called Shirley on one of the sewing groups on Facebook and she started a group called the “overlocker virgins” and soon I became an admin for the group as we were getting in dated with people who haven’t even taken their overlockers out of their boxes as they were worried. It’s such a shame as I think overlockers have such a bad reputation when really I now couldn’t live without mine! We had a “coming out party” which encouraged most members to get their overlockers out and have a little go and I was so surprised that a lot of the members took part.


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