Take Two!

Over the weekend my lovely husband insisted on me having some sewing time to try and get a few bits done that I’ve been planning on for a while. I’ve had this gorgeous butterfly fabric for about 6 months or so. I got it from a local shop in my town and it was £5 a metre and I’ve been saving it for when I would start making some clothes for myself. I decided that it would look gorgeous as a Cleo dungaree dress, as I’ve already ventured into Tilly and the buttons patterns before I thought I’d change it slightly.

Firstly I decided that the first one I did, the pockets weren’t deep enough so I used the top pocket rather than the hips pockets as they are bigger. Secondly I decided that I didn’t need a front and back seam as I don’t really want to have to pattern match when I really don’t need too! Thirdly I didn’t have any dungaree buckles so thought I’d have a go at my second buttonhole.🙈 I made the biggest size for the dungaree dress and thought that the extra room from the front and back seam would just make it more comfortable so I decided that I would just do a generous seam allowance on the side seams and hope for the best! It was all going really well until I started to attach the facing to the inside of the dress. It didn’t occur to me that the facing would need to be extended to cater for the front and back seams! So I just cut extra fabric and Just attached it to where the extra bit needed to go. Ideally, it’s not great to do it that way but I didn’t have enough fabric to redo it, and it’s on the inside anyway so it would only be me who would know it’s there (and now you)!

I think it definitely looks great without the front and back seams and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I attempted my second lot of buttonholes and thought that with my dungaree buckles I can adjust the fit as sometimes I prefer it tighter and others I prefer it looser, so I added two buttons so I can alter how long or short I want it to be. For my second attempt, they can out great. I always feel scared to do buttons but this just proves that you should give everything ago at least twice to see how you get on! Next, I would love to make the Tilly and the buttons Agnes tops! I’m going to a new fabric shop tomorrow so hopefully, I will find some gorgeous fabric which I can make them with 🙂

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