Why choose to reuse?

So lately, I’ve had a lot of customers message me about reusable sanitary pads, so I thought I’d do a little blog post since its been ages since I last did one (with a lot of encouragement from my husband!). I have had a little bit of time since my son is now back at school, so decided I’d have a little bash at making these cool little posters for my social media accounts – you can follow me here! I wanted to share some of the knowledge that I have learnt over the last few years where I have become more ‘zero waste’, I got thinking today how much would one person save a year by switching to reusables and turns out it would be roughly around £128 a year. Reusable pads last between 5-10 years if they are looked after correctly. I know the initial cost of forking out for the pads can be quite costly, but in the long run you will save a lot of money as they last so long.

I recently had a mention on a page called ‘Jersey Sustainable Period Products‘ (you can find them on the link provided). On one of their posts she linked to another website who also make reusable sanitary pads but they had so much information on their website, it was amazing. I knew some of the facts in the poster above and knew that disposables contain plastic but I was completely mind-blown that 1 whole pack of disposable sanitary pads contains up to 5 plastic bags’ worth of plastic. Before switching to reusables, it never crossed my mind that they would contain so much plastic. I was never aware that they take between 500-800 years to degrade and I think its something that they should teach in schools. In fact, just recently there has been more awareness being brought into schools. The ‘Jersey Sustainable Period Products Project’ are a small business who lend out packs of reusable pads to schools and other places who are interested in the environmental impact of disposables and bringing more awareness about reusables. I really hope that more schools and projects like these will become the norm and stop the stigma on reusable cloth pads.

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